About us

The MonoSurveys service is provided by the Finnish market research company Liidimedia Oy.

On MonoSurveys, you are able to make a difference anonymously by expressing your opinion through participating in various surveys.

Surveys are organized by different companies and organizations, often including well-known brands. The surveys may concern any topic such as love, politics, cars, food, electronics – anything.

With the help of your valuable opinion, these companies can improve. With the surveys, companies can gather important information on the market situation. For instance, you may be asked to express your opinion on the packaging when a company is launching a new product. Surveys are also often quoted in well-known daily newspapers.

Participation is always completely free. You will always be rewarded when participating in surveys. The reward amount depends e.g. on the length of the survey. Taking a survey usually takes 5 to 20 minutes, and the reward amount is generally between 0.40 and 4 euros.

You can redeem your rewards after you have earned over 10 euros.

When using the MonoSurveys service, you may also get the chance to test new products as well as to participate in phone and SMS surveys and, for instance, food and wine tastings.

Why join MonoSurveys?

Market research companies often have only a few surveys to take. The aim of the MonoSurveys service is to offer the most extensive selection of surveys and thus maximize the users’ opportunities to earn money and rewards.

We will always let you know beforehand how long the survey will take. We will always let you know the reward amount for participation right away. Your privacy will be 100% protected. Your details will always remain completely anonymous, and your answers can never be linked to you. Your personal information is only needed when we are looking for suitable participants for the surveys. This information will not be disclosed to any third parties.

You can also earn money by bringing your friends to the MonoSurveys service. You can read more about this by logging in.