Paid surveys
Earn money or gift cards by taking online surveys.
By participating, you will earn money or gift cards.
Redeem the money on your PayPal account
You can redeem the money earned from surveys once you can accumulated €10 on your user account. Paying with PayPal is quick and secure. You can use your PayPal account in thousands of online shops, and to send and receive money. You can use PayPal on your computer or phone.
Amazon gift card
You can redeem your rewards as an Amazon gift card once you have accumulated €5 by answering surveys. In Amazon, you can use your gift card to purchase a wide range of products, such as clothes, electronics, home products and children’s toys. Amazon gift cards do not expire, so you have plenty of time to choose what you want.
You can select a Paysafecard for yourself once you have accumulated €10 on your user account by answering surveys. Paysafecard enables you to pay securely online without a credit card. You can use your Paysafecard card to buy games, music, films and services on online shops. You pay for your purchases with a 16-digit code without having to enter your banking and personal details.
Make yourself heard by participating in consumer surveys
You have a genuine opportunity to make a difference in a fun way by participating in surveys. You can make yourself heard. You encounter well-known brands in your everyday life. These brands want to hear your opinion e.g. on the launch of a new product. In return for your participation, you will always be rewarded for your time when participating in surveys.
It’s this easy to start making money by participating in surveys:
Create an account
Fill out your profile carefully and take the background information survey. By answering these questions as accurately as possible right away, you help us to better target survey invitations to you. This way, you can get more survey invitations and make more money.
Confirm your account
Confirm your account by clicking on the confirmation link in the welcome e-mail. Soon you will receive invitations to your first surveys, and you can start making money.
Redeem your rewards
You can redeem your rewards after you have earned a minimum of 10 euros. You can redeem your reward to your PayPal account, as a Gogift gift card, or as an Amazon gift card.